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Glue Down LVT

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Thickness: 2.5mm, (.100")

Wearlayer: 20mil (.50mm) Commercial Grade

Class: Class III, Printed Film Vinyl Tile, Embossed

Standard Specification: Solid Vinyl Tile ASTM F 1700

Certifications: FloorScore, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Phthalate Free: Yes, Hexamoll DINCH

Installation: Glue Down, Interior

Packaging: 36 sq ft per carton

Weight: 32 lbs per carton



Featured Collections

* Fantasy - Soft, linear pattern in 13 bright colors 

* Corinthian Marble - Four new grain patterns in neutral colors. The new 18"x36" size creates a natural slab format.

* Organics - Classic Black and White is always in style. Our authentic Cork pattern with all the benefits of LVT.  The Imaginary Collection featuring Grass tile. 


* Paramount Woodgrains - Features a new color palette and larger 7.2"x48" plank size.

* Prismatic - Dynamic colors and subtle mottling make this collection ideal for any commercial environment. 

* Scrim - This woven linen look with matching textured finish highlights this linen alternative.

* Stones - Natural colors and veining are featured in the Aegean and large format Gaia Stone Collections. The Terrastone collection features realistic terrazzo chipstones. 



* All collections have similar color palettes for mixing and matching in various interior settings.

* Allied LVT's enhanced polyurethane finish for excellent scuff and scratch resistance.

* Dependable, durable and cost effective LVT for all your flooring projects.

* All Glue Down products are available in 2mm, 3mm and 5mm Loose Lay for special orders. Minimum quantities and lead times will apply.

Quality and Certification

All of our products have passed the Floor Score certification

Certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ASTM is the highest indicator for global industrial, environmental protection and safety standards. All products fulfill the requirements for the below inspections: D3884-09 Abrasion Resistance Test; A3155 Flame Resistance Test; F963 Heavy Metal Substance Test; E662 Smoke Density Test.


Benzene and phenol free high quality raw materials are used in our products. We do not use recycled post consumer plastics waste material in order to guarantee a uncontaminated production environment free from pollutants.

Our product features Hexamoll DINCH Non-phthalate plasticizer with the aim to create, healthy, safe eco-friendly commerical and living spaces. 

Manufacturing Experience

Allied Tile was established in 1976 as one of the original manufacturers of LVT in the US. Our expertise,  combined with our manufacturing partner, who were established in 1984 provide the newest laminating technology and equipment.

Everyone has a responsibility to care for the planet so the floor tiles our company manufactures meet the standards of low pollution, low volatility and low ozone output and it can be recycled at the same time.

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