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Why Choose Allied?


Our employees are expected to continually pursue research and innovation so that we provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction. We continue to put effort into becoming an exemplary enterprise with high moral standards and sense of responsibility.


Our company objective  is to create healthy, safe, eco-friendly spaces, and use the least amount of the world’s resources to create the greatest amount of value. At the same time, we require our employees to uphold an attitude of honesty and integrity as they strictly monitor product quality and focus on every aspect of the production process.

Creative Designs 

We have a professional design team that continues to seek innovation and develop a wide variety of unique and distinctive designs in order to provide the best service to our customers.


Love working with Allied Tile.  Innovative and unfazed to face challenges.

S. Larson

Allied were the pioneers of the LVT industry.

S. Mills

Would expect nothing less from this amazing company. Awesome.

J. Duke

Custom Floor Gallery

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